Pupils Testimonials

Learning with Mimia was such a fun and special time for me. She is someone who cares for you like gold, always working with the highest passion, energy and professionalism. These 4 years were a huge journey of growth and I discovered a whole new level of beauty to the piano thanks to Mimia. I am truly thankful for her support, friendship and wisdom, that I could have her as my teacher. Not to mention the wonderful community she builds, feeding us all delicious tiramisu at her home! I will forever look up to Mimia! Thank you for always believing in me :) xoxo



I started learning piano with Mimia when I was 6. At that time, I was struggling with piano playing. In order to help me understanding the pieces, Mimia transformed the complicated music notes into simple but imaginative stories so that I could play in the right context.  Whenever I had an important event, especially in a big competition, I always remembered the times she told me to think that I was in a warm and cozy cocoon and how that made me feel more calm and settled. I enjoyed my time learning with Mimia, especially the irresistible lollies I got after each hard worked lesson.


Mimia has been Evan’s piano teacher for 3 years. Evan was born in a musical family, so we have always been looking for a piano teacher that is of high standard. We have had many piano teachers in the past, we found Mimia to be one of the best piano teachers in Brisbane, if not in Australia. Mimia is passionate about music and kids. She makes sure that her students are being the best version of themselves. She is highly knowledgeable and very responsible. Two important ingredients that made our son successful in his music learning journey. With Mimia’s dedication, Evan has been successful in obtaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in numerous national piano competitions, in addition to achieving grade 6 at age of 10. Evan has also been offered quite a few music scholarship placements in elite private high schools. Evan’s success would not have been possible without Mimia. We are truly honored to have her as our piano teacher.



After 7 years, Mimia has become more than simply a piano teacher; she has become a truly special friend. Mimia has continually taught and inspired me with her immense passion for music. She has shown me what it really means to love music and to feel it inside me. I have come a long way since my first lesson with Mimia and am deeply thankful for all the encouragement Mimia has given me. When I shied away from pieces I felt were too difficult, Mimia’s faith and trust in me pushed me to achieve what I thought was impossible, and because of this, my confidence in my playing has soared. Mimia is also extremely generous with her time and will provide feedback on any recordings that are sent to her in between lessons. The energy she brings to each lesson makes them thoroughly enjoyable and looked forward to. I will be forever grateful to Mimia for all that she has taught me. Thank you so much Mimia!

Grace, 16 yo


I have learnt with Mimia for almost 6 years and it has been both an exciting and enjoyable time for me. Mimia is an amazing piano teacher who has motivated, encouraged and inspired me to find my love for piano and music. Mimia’s passion for teaching piano has allowed me to persist throughout all these years as her lessons are always enjoyable. Mimia has helped me improve technically and musically and has prepared me for the competitions and concerts, allowing me to achieve good results. Mimia is not only a piano teacher but also a dear friend who’s friendship I will treasure forever. Looking forward to our next sushi date!

Jeremy, 14 yo


My two children (now aged 12 in Grade 7, and 10 in Grade 5) were both very fortunate to begin piano tuition with Mimia when they were in early primary school. Mimia's approach to piano instruction is meticulous and disciplined, while being warm and patient. Mimia's focus on technique, her deep expertise in piano, and broad range of musical and performance knowledge helped my children to advance very quickly through AMEB grades, and has equipped them with an excellent foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music. Mimia always finds the perfect balance between setting high expectations for practice and lessons, with creating a fun and enjoyable environment for child learning. I imagine this is a rare and unique talent indeed, and the incredible performances and smiling relaxed faces at recitals are testament to Mimia's skills and dedication. It was with great sadness that we decided to discontinue our piano classes with Mimia earlier this year.

Thank you again Mimia, with much appreciation.

Jen, Gareth, Anya and Theo!


My son used have a very strict piano teacher who almost made him quit piano. I took him for the initial meeting with Mimia as his last chance and we instantly fell in love with her passion. The way Mimia teaches was eye-opening for him and he started enjoying piano again. He now performs with beautiful tone colour instead of just pressing keys. He passed Grade 7 with A+ at the age of 11 and also received lots of prizes & awards while he was learning with Mimia. Unfortunately his passion moved to tennis and he is having a break from piano for a while, but he's still saying 'I am not quitting Mimia'. :) Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Kaito learnt so much from you.
Kaito’s mum (Kaito, 12)


I have been learning piano with Mimia for 7 years. Through her unfailing support and enthusiasm for teaching I completed my Grade 8 AMEB Piano Exam with an A. I honestly could not have asked for a better or more knowledgeable teacher. I came to Mimia with poor technique and since then have completed in numerous Eisteddfodau and piano competitions, each time building my confidence and skill set. She taught me not only the notes but how to ‘feel’ the music and perform the story in each piece. Mimia pushed me to succeed and always expected the same level of dedication to the piano in her students that she puts in each lesson. 

Mimia has cared for me like her own daughter and strengthened my love and passion for music. I have grown not only as a performer, but also as a person, under her kind and careful guidance. I am endlessly thankful to her for the amount of encouragement and comfort she has given me over these past years, in daily life, in each lesson and before each performance.The time and dedication to her students truly shows in their exceptional playing.

Erin, 17


Lucille, my daughter, started learning piano with Mimia when she was 5 1/2 years old. Teaching students in accordance to their aptitude is first and foremost in Mimia's piano teaching. As a young beginner, being virtually spoon fed, Lucille progressed beautifully as time went on. With a proactive and positive spirit, Mimia not only taught Lucille music knowledge and piano techniques, but also gave her so much love and attention that helped her to blossom into a great confident performer.

Lucille attended lots of competitions,winning many prizes, and enjoyed performing in public very much. Without Mimia's support, Lucille definitely wouldn't have done so well. We totally enjoyed this 1 year and 10 months piano study with her and we reluctantly left due our move to another country.

We'll always remember that once we had such a wonderful piano teacher called Mimia.

Lucille's mum (Lucille, 7)


My time learning from Mimia was an awesome 2 years. She patiently taught me a variety of skills, allowing me to reach a high level in piano. Her lessons are a perfect balance of strict and fun, you really look forward to them every time. Mimia is an excellent and responsible piano teacher, and is such a genuine and kind person; she's not just your teacher but also your friend. I will never forget a single moment I had with Mimia. 

Julia, 11


I have spent a long time looking for a piano teacher for my daughter Yuhan, and I was so lucky to have Mimia as Yuhan's teacher. I can't believe how fast Yuhan has progressed when learning with Mimia. Mimia's enthusiasm for music and her teaching experience helped the students to reach their potentials. After wining a few prizes at piano competitions, Yuhan became much more confident in playing at concerts and competitions. Yuhan really enjoyed her lessons with Mimia. The experience with Mimia reminds me how important a great teacher is for kids. 

Yuhan's mum (Yuhan, 7)


For three years I learnt the piano with Mimia. During this time not only I learnt how to play the piano, but I was taught how music is an art, a passion and a language. I was taught by someone whose love of music inspired me to be the best pianist I could be. Mimia taught me how to sit on the stool with poise, how to begin and end a performance gracefully and how to play piano elegantly. In the time I was taught piano by Mimia, her dedication to her students’ development of knowledge was very encouraging.

Bianca Licina,10


I began learning the piano with Mimia at an older age than most beginners. Despite my late start, I feel I am progressing through this instrument much more effectively than I would have if I had been younger. Mimia motivates you to work hard through challenges and high expectations, and I feel, thanks to her teaching approach, that I have become more disciplined and manage my time more effectively.You can really tell Mimia is passionate about her teaching and loves piano, she is highly knowledgeable and ensures all her students have proper technique. In general, she is a very positive, encouraging and friendly person who has been a wonderful piano teacher. 

Zoe Sinclair,13


Mimia's passion and enthusiasm for music, her attention to detail, and her boundless encouragement all make her a wonderful teacher. My piano playing, both in technique and interpretation, has improved tremendously under her expert guidance.
Tom Howat, Cambridge


I loved taking piano lessons with Mimia. She is a great piano teacher and also has a great personality, which makes learning piano enjoyable, easier and fun. She expects very much out of you but I believe that this is great because you push yourself forward quicker. Thanks to Mimia’s way of teaching I have more confidence in my piano playing, so now I am a little less scared and nervous to play in front of people.

Jeanne Segond-Pichon,14 , Cambridge


Having been playing the piano for many years I recently decided to start having lessons again. Mimia's approach was just what I needed, plenty of encouragement, thorough technical advice but most of all the emphasis on musicality. Mimia always seems able to suggest those small changes that would really bring a piece alive. She got me through 2 advanced exams (not easy when you're in your fifties) and gave me lots of opportunities and encouragement to perform. I am now enjoying my playing much more and have more confidence in my abilities. Mimia really cares about her pupil's progress and puts a lot of energy into teaching so everybody gets the most out of their music making.

Richard Fellows, Cambridge


Being one of Mimia’s pupils has been great because Mimia is a good teacher. She does concerts which turn out to be enjoyable and give you a chance to perform in front of an audience. Mimia has helped me progress musically and has prepared me well for all of my exams which has allowed me to gain good results. She does expect you to put 100% effort in but if you have had a busy week with school she is sympathetic. I have really enjoyed my lessons with her.

Anna Celentano,12, Cambridge


As a returning adult piano learner, Mimia has been an inspiring teacher. Going to my first piano lesson with Mimia after stopping lessons for 8 years was both daunting and very exciting. I wasn't sure how much my standard of piano playing had deteriorated, but Mimia was encouraging and tried to push my standard further by introducing different repertoire, including four- and six-hands pieces. Mimia has helped me to achieve a distinction for Grade 8 (135, my highest mark for piano exam ever!). Because she is always keen to have all her pupils performing in public concerts and competitions, I have been determined to perfect my pieces, and this has greatly motivate me to practice. Mimia is a great piano teacher and friend. She has put music and piano playing back into my life and now I am always excited about learning new pieces and different repertoire. 

Kit Wong, Cambridge


Learning piano with Mimia has been excellent. She has given me more confidence and enthusiasm to play and learn piano. We had a lot of fun and excitement whenever we prepared for a concert. In my heart she is a fantastic piano Teacher and I'm going to miss her now she's leaving.

Jillian Marianne Birad,11, Cambridge


As an adult student I always looked forward to lessons with Mimia, and always came away eager to achieve what she believed I was capable of. In other words she always acknowledges the positive so that problems can be cheerfully worked on. Mimia is a very conscientious teacher. After her pupils’ concerts she does not relax, but listens to recordings of the performances to give notes to her students at their next lessons. A thoroughly professional musician, Mimia is familiar with a large repertoire and can suggest the interpretation of a new piece at sight, and in my lessons was excited by exploring new repertoire.

Roger Gaskell, Cambridge